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Raya and Money

It was during the Raya holidays that me and my cousin went to a few open houses for Raya. We went to a few of our family and friends open houses for raya. We were invited by the smell of Rendang and Chicken Curry. There were good food, lovely people and the house was decorated really well. We caught up with our friends and tell them how our life was going on. We had a few good laughs and fill our tummy with good food. After everything was done we bid farewell and we were given duit raya by the elder people. We felt very happy that we were given money and we got the chance to see our relatives and friends.


I don’t know whether anybody who reads this maybe care about this story or what not but I guess its just for sharing. So far the whole time that I’ve been living my life which is currently 18 years 4 months and 3 days, I tend to fall for a girl but it never worked out the way I hoped for. The weird thing is everything is going great you know, we had our interest and dislikes but there’s always the guy who’s being selfish in the way. Selfish guys that I’m saying is I’m referring to the douche who already got a girlfriend but still wants to get in the way of someone else. The victim here is the guy who was going for the girl in the first place, cause at first he had something special, he felt special and important in the girls life but when she met the douche she totally forgotten about the guy who had been there for her, and the guy was thrown out of her life like yesterdays garbage. I’m speaking honestly cause after that I don’t know how I feel cause everything seems empty. But the part I hate the most is later after they broke up she will go all “why do I keep picking the guys who aren’t right for me?”, I don’t get it, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything but its true that girls would choose douche over the nice guy. Sometimes I believe in terms “Nice Guys Finish Last” because girls would pick the douche over the nice guy. Prove me if I’m wrong but so far that term is in my mind and so far it is true. Guess the nice guys just have to wait.

Boring Day

It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. hahaha I know my tumblr looks dull so going to tell you guys bout the thing I did today, I simply did nothing fun, I did something but nothing interesting so taking this opportunity to start writing again. I hope that this time I’ll write more and maybe you guys might see this blog quite interesting so chow.

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